Frequently Asked Questions

newQ: Why don’t we just make a Zenzeleni network covering the whole country?

A: Network size depends on the range of the signal between the devices used. For example the Mesh Potatoes used at Mankosi use a WiFi signal that goes some hundreds of metres, up to a few kilometres with the right antenna. But the other limit is the human organisation involved. The co-op running Zenzeleni Networks Mankosi took a few years to reach full operating status. We aim to connect such co-ops countrywide.

Q: What do I do if I want to be part of a community telecoms network?

A: Because each network starts in a certain area, you need to connect with other people in your area who also want to be part. Maybe you can persuade an existing group which started for some other reason, to take an interest in community telecoms. When you have enough people, use the Resources page of this website to move to the next level.

Q: We have formed our group, but we need funding and technical assistance. What shall we do?

A: See the Resources page on this website. It is updated regularly.

Q: What is Mesh Networking?

A: See this post.

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